Florentina Villa

Crowning their USN empire with a magnificent Florentine Villa on a 1 hectare estate plot in the outskirts of Pretoria, Albe and Heloise Geldenhuys opted for the rustic country- style without compromising high-flying glitz and glamour. PULSE vivaciously responded to the young, vibrant couple’s call for a fresh palette by integrating the French provincial and Bertolucci’s Tuscany with a new grandiose and enticing approach to eclectic, aesthetic style. Creating a holistic trend uniquely unifying classic and contemporary, innovative style and comfort, this manor home is a definite trend-setting masterpiece.

The PULSE team beautifully glazed the exterior of the villa in four complementary shades of rich colour blended with antiquing techniques to pure perfection. Engulfed by two deep glass pools, the main staircase leads to massive crystal doors, reflecting the might of water and light. The interior of the house is where the trained eye recognizes the interplay of true craftsmanship, art, and design. One can only imagine the brilliant interaction between architectural realms, the fantasy, style, and vision of clientele and the detailed embellishments of the PULSE team. Therefore, constructed by the architect and mistress of the house, Ferdi and Diana Greyvensteyn to further perfect and enchant many a room. Thus the celestial dome revering the entrance is adorned by Renaissance patterned art, paying homage to a massive Swarovski chandelier erupting in lingering light and life.

The character of the kitchen convincingly combined English and French elements as featured in the May issue of House and Garden: “The beaming ceiling and built-in timber surround above the stove have a distinctly English flavour; the painted center island and gilt sofa are quintessentially French. After planning the large central island, (the owners) created a focal point around the large county-style Ilve stove, incorporating a custom- designed mosaic splash back with a large wooden mantelshelf”. PULSE splendour charmed cupboard doors to works of art in duck egg greens, distressed to provide a county feel. The acclaimed artist Diana Greyvenstyen assisted the PUSE team in featuring delicate paintings and calligraphy in French of Bette rave Globe Rouge, Aubergine Violette Ronde tres Grosse, Artichaut Gros Vert de Laon, Oignon Geant De Rocca, the blessed harvest from Provincial soil. In juxtaposition, Ferdi incorporated a floral covered gilt sofa and an extraordinary assembly of different of different gilded antique chairs, charmingly lit by a twin pair of lilting chandeliers.

A wide staircase leads the way to the upper level of the villa paying homage to a wonderland of numerous suites linked by mediaeval corridors. These corridors are graced by the aged look, silking the villa in cream and silvery tones while each alcove perfected by a chandelier and exquisite hand-painted filigree.

The master bedroom favors exquisite blends of soft natural colours creamed with a sensual feel. It seems to be the visual interpretation of timeless and re-occurring joy featuring a Renaissance design touching the high ceiling ceilings with hand painted ivy, roses, and morning glories in abundance. A distressed technique added a luring colour leading to undulating tones, pattern, texture and charming Pulses of soft off-white complementing the classic mood of gleaming ivory as more profound undertones for curtains, troughs and lighting.

For the little princess of the house, her playful, dainty venue was fairytale. Rosy-cheeked pinks wash the walls from darker to lighter shades of soft, sweet candy, energizing the sophisticated French furniture in a youthful secret whispers. Each carefully selected piece of fine furniture is hand painted while hip-hop fairies painted between poetic lines, excites little growing and grown-up minds alike.

Eagerly awaiting a gift of new life with the couple, Ferdi earthed a new baby brother’s room in expressive natural beiges in vertical lines reaching a dome of clouds in lit azure- blues where cute dimple-faced cherubs play in wonder. Diana saw them intrigued in a ribbon of blue demanding attention to the engaging hopes and dreams of promising things to come. Experimenting with a deeper relationship evolving between unconventional textures, whimsical colour and promises of a bright and guarded future, this extraordinary baby room is the sure and soft focus on a brilliant, divine intervention.