Without an appropriate and unique corporate identity, the success of any public enterprise is unduly compromised. The Design division of PULSE can assist both new and established businesses in creating such an identity. This is best done through an holistic approach, from the design of the business premises itself, down to the stationary. PULSE can also refer clients to specialists in related fields, such as architecture, floral design and landscaping. By working together, we achieve continuity throughout.

For this flower shop in an upmarket Pretoria shopping centre, PULSE designed (or regarding some things, advised on the design of) all aspects of the project. The small shop faced onto an open-air arcade, with chairs and tables spilling out of cafes onto the sidewalks, and with the soothing sound of numerous fountains. To address the limited space in the shop, and to link up with the pleasant outdoors environment, it was decided to make the shop as airy and uncluttered as possible. The clean, contemporary look assisted in creating a feeling of space, whereas in reality only a few square metres were available.

The look is modern yet romantic, to fit in with the maxim of the shop: flowers of love. The business cards that PULSE designed picked up on this theme: a soft textured paper with stripes in off-white shades. The text was done in a flowing, romantic lettertype, rounded off by a large, lop-sided heart.

To save space, PULSE designed multi-functional cabinets mounted on castors. The many small drawers provided plenty of storage space. The cabinets were topped with table tops, and could therefore be used as workspace and for exibiting floral arrangements. On their castors the cabinets could easily be moved as required, to any position in the shop.

Bunches of flowers were exibited in tall, fluted metal pails on custom-made racks along the walls.

Broad swathes of white fabric, hand-painted with botanical designs, were draped from the ceiling in order to delineate the public and private spaces in the shop, yet this did not detract from the airiness of the space.