Romantic Baroque

Reflecting his personal life, his love for the outdoors and the ever-evolving nature of interior and intra-personal matter for the better of life, Ferdi’s Old Transvaal farm haven clinging to the Magalies mountain, firmly entrench a warm retreat for his own spiritual endeavours, his family, and friends. Turning to a specific alternative application of the messages carried out by wide open spaces transferred to the art of interior creation, this old stone homestead portrays versatile proportions, textures and form of country baroque boldness with alternative contemporary style and elegance.

The uncluttered main sitting and dining rooms, feature glass and dark polished wooden tables, a few bold furniture pieces with geometric red and green collectables, slim transparent vases filled with long stemmed arum lilies in strange harmony with huge mirrors reflecting the gravelled outdoor living area, enchanted crystal chimes and cacti. The warm glow from the hearth throws soft shades on the mainly empty walls painted in warm Boere baroque while others nurture the eminent displays of art culturally significant by nature.

Mediating medium as contrast, the chic Damask white kitchen with its oversized Matrix basins, fine white porcelain, white Oom Paul-erdekommetjies, frosted utilities on white industrial shelves, opens its bare windows to the surrounding lush green leaves and trees, the revived orchard, the herb garden, the sweet sound of birds and clear distant waters. Some of these nostalgic elements and rare objects from the outside world are exposed willingly to the high-glossed cemented stoeplike floors: a mossy rock carrying the scent of life, a basket filled with fresh finds of new-laid eggs, slim tree barks vesseling handwritten words of wisdom, line and space.

Inducing this Karoo-like sense of spacious calm and confidence, Ferdi’s bedroom is essentially and sparsely furnished with a dark slay bed tucked in warm throws and fabrics wearing a natural look to add textural appeal. Intrinsic beauty and values are assembled on a wise old desk content with its leather chair mate, birds’ nest and farm implements on the wall. A chair fashioned from twigs is amused by life and learning of the day. Far from being dull a massive zinc tub in the bath room against cement - washed kaki walls with exposed copper plumbing pipes and taps, instructs the eye to structural elements in stark contrast with luxurious soft towels, home - made soaps and awakening white blossoms.