About The Shop

The contemporary lifestyle and décor shop “Travel & Decor” is the authentic glimpse of a new threshold for the Pulse team and Hatfield Travel’s Anton van Niekerk. The season of fruitfulness in Ferdi’s own life sees an exciting fusion of the Studio division of Pulse specializing in superior high quality and sophisticated wall, floor and furniture finishes and décor creating an unmistakable PULSE ambience of warmth and style to homes, apartments and corporate worlds, with Travel & Decor as instinctive means of communication and celebration. Constantly yearning for a sharing of their dreams, their loves, their wants, and their best parts with fellow free spirits, Travel & Decor celebrates another outlet for PULSE creativity. The collaboration was born out of a desire from the Pulse and Hatfield Travel teams to take hands and create something fresh and vibrant. Going beyond the conventional travel agency look, Anton and Ferdi envisioned an opportunity to create a space that highlights the fun part of travel, using the exotic locations from different countries as an inspiration for the décor objects in the shop.

This eclectic studio excels expectations with densely coloured interior artifacts that brim with intimacy, style, and brilliant multi-functional reassertions. Smitten by contemporary artist’s word from a wide variety of disciplines: from ceramics, silverwork, sculpture, furniture and jewelry, interesting light fixtures and extraordinary chandeliers to brush strokes on canvas, this shop is creating a sense of inspiration, imagination and intrinsic style.

Travel & Decor is the hallmark of rare elegance offering truly individual timepiece varying in social and cultural background from French provincial to avant-garde chic. These collectables and timepieces are open to interpretation either as amplifications of individual lifestyles or eclectic shabby chic products designed for use in light joyful atmospheres.

The brilliant intertwining of Pulse and Travel & Decor, offer a vibrant marketplace where function, shape, line, colour, texture and pattern perfectly balance with life itself.. These marvelous settings and extraordinary people living in a totally celebratory spirit, open their doors on a daily basis to the philosophy of individual predilections among remarkable people. From the inner sanctum of art, design and décor, they are awaiting you.

Come visit us at:

Shop 2
Glen Village South Centre
c/o Hans Strijdom & Olympus Drives
Fearie Glen
Tel: 012-991-6162
Fax: 012-991-6141
Postal address:
PO Box 39739
Faerie Glen