Urban Cacoon

Celebrating constant renewal and transformation, Ferdi recently accelerated his lifestyle to a bohemian eclectic apartment. This fulfilled the need for a city dwelling to cocoon his in - town itineraries. Ferdi loves and lives by a wise Arab proverb: “When the dwelling is finished, there death enters”. His dwellings are as alive and impulsive as their inhabitants. Thus portraying the broader concept of symbolic inversion and transgression in his personal life, this apartment is the pinnacle of his success and achievement, the symbol of the open, sun - filled man he became. Here, on a daily basis, Ferdi meets his endearing, familiar view of the sun - drenched Pretoria skyline, intense and continually developing in the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, spilling from under the Moroccan desert tent outside into the open, evolving spaces indoors and the nomadic nature of furniture and artifacts.

Janice Winter portrays the progressive splendor and the décor of this urban cocoon and its extraordinary inhabitant in Elle Decoration.

In his early days as a decorator, Ferdi was tempted to incorporate in his own home various elements of every style he encountered. Now he simply plays with different styles in the homes in which he works for his decorating company, PULSE Creative Concept Decorators. His own apartment, though, is understated, a living gallery exhibiting the things he loves. Ferdi has creative fun here, too but there is an ease and simplicity to the approach. Although it is artistic, the space is not about show but has been designed to be lived and enjoyed. And that’s Ferdi’s advice to clients: “Choose styles that suit your way of living: a lifestyle that reveals something about the truth of yourself, as opposed to a show-off space that comes straight from some international glossy magazine, but that might not suit your personality, or that is just not comfortable to life in.”

According to Ferdi, interiors should be inspired by nature and open to the outdoors wherever possible. “The interior then becomes almost secondary in importance to the exterior”. The neutral tones of the lounge/dining room testify to this – shades of sandy earth to sky blue that complement and celebrate the view beyond. And yet the interior of the apartment is certainly not simply a supporting star; it captivates with clever details and curious finds from Joburg’s antique stores and swop shops. The identity is distinctly masculine, but not harsh; entirely urban, and yet a sanctuary from city pace. And its proudly South African – from canvasses of succulents to a MJ Louwrens painting of the Joburg skyline, from a traditional Africana spade to horns that sit side by side on the dining table.