Paint Effects

Achieving perpetual, extraordinary results and recognition, the Studio Division of PULSE specializes in superior high quality and sophisticated wall, floor, and furniture finishes and décor creating an unmistakable PULSE atmosphere of warmth and style to homes, apartments and corporate worlds around the country and abroad. The highly skilled PULSE team consisting of painter, artists and muralists completes this sense of exclusive being through the extensive portfolio of artworks, murals, paint and plaster techniques, effectively customized to enhance entire living spaces of beautifully adding interest to accent walls and columns. Favoring individualistic style and inspired by what matters to the soul of their clients, whether taste and style roams classically, romantically, boldly dramatic, old worldly or contemporary, PULSE will sway ideas into reality.

Creating the unique paint finish that complements each room is the art of understanding decorative paint finishes and faux painting services according to the style and lifestyle of the client. Showcased in several high style magazines (House and Leisure, Habitat, Elle Décor, Rooi Rose, Sarie etc.) and television programs (e.g. Top Billing), we feature the artistic decorative paint techniques, and particular expertise from PULSE Studio in the specialized field of interior décor as fulfilled in the divergent styles of clients Amy Kleinhans and Tienie De Ridder’s homes.

One of the greatest tools at the disposal of those wanting to redecorate their homes is the humble tin of paint. There is no faster, more affordable or easier way to make a huge difference with minimum input, than to repaint interior or exterior walls and other surfaces.

When former Miss South Africa Amy Kleinhans and her husband Leighton Curd decided to renovate their home, their team included Ferdi, who together with fellow interior decorator Leon Stander played the dual role of paint technique specialist and interior decorator. Here in the living room, the walls were given a soft wheaten technique, giving off a warm glow in the formal room. The curtains were also sourced to add to the overall feeling of luxury created.

In the kitchen, money was saved by retaining old pine cupboards, and was rather spent on high quality kitchen appliances. After stripping and repainting the old cupboards, Ferdi hand-painted flowers and butterflies onto the doors. This links up with the botanical prints that adorn the walls, giving the kitchen a natural, outdoors look and feel. In the opulent new master bedroom, Ferdi painted a roped vine effect on the wall. "This seems to furnish the room even though it is empty", Amy says.

Although paint techniques can be used very effectively to create a soft, classical look, it is also suitable in modern interiors. Here in the home of architect Tienie de Ridder, a screening wall has been painted in a grey, patterned effect, in the modernist style. According to Tienie, "the wall was especially painted so as to mirror the slate floors and enhance the minimalist features of the area". A similar technique was used in the two bedrooms, adding warmth and texture to the simple, almost stripped-down spaces. The fact that the same painting technique was used in the various rooms also binds the house together, creating a sense of continuity.

In terms of artistic decorative paint techniques, PULSE has literally dozens of satisfied clients that have benefited from years of experience. PULSE has a particular expertise in this specialized field of interior decor.