Every era, personality and nature of things come to play with each unique project.

The “Pulse” inspiration comes from the heart of style and the need to change something old and plain into some thing unique. Better would be, to use style as a tool - a useful technology - instead of making a personal value issue of it. Investigate existing styles to find out what appeals to you. This will already zoom in more on what is right for you. Then combine these styles in a new way, to create fresh perspectives. The mind and heart have to work together.

Choose styles that suit your way of living : a lifestyle that reveals something about the truth of yourself, as opposed to a show-off that comes straight from some international glossy magazine - but that might not suit your personality, or that is just not comfortable to actually live in. That would be essentially creating an illusion, where as if you asked yourself what you truly like, it could result in a more appropriate interior - or wardrobe, car, music collection and so forth.