Engrossed by the vast opportunities hidden in man and surroundings, Ferdi Louw and his Pulse team, interior décor specialists working under their acclaimed professional banner of Pulse Creative Concept Decorators, combine all the aspects of décor with three PULSE divisions: Studio, Interior and Design. Their alternative décor shop “Travel & Decor”, celebrates another outlet for PULSE creativity and extraordinary style. PULSE encapsulates the vast spaces of every individual, endlessly formed into being, creating a bespoke interior, transferring character, emotions and lifestyle into the contrived spaces known and understood as home. It is said by clientele, admirers, and high profile magazine alike, that by the knowledge, talent, virtue, and vibrant energy of PULSE, pure beauty resides in a single drop of the PULSE team’s creative minds. From the inner sanctum of art, design and décor, pulses of a blessed lifestyle ripples to the ever-higher plains of wellness and life itself reflecting the philosophy of individual predilections among remarkable people. Please do not hesitate to contact Ferdi for a limitless supply of inspiration.